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If you’re in chronic pain after an accident or injury, physical therapy can help you reclaim mobility and make everyday life easier to manage. At his practice on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Irwin Abraham, MD, refers to a trusted physical therapist to help you recover from your injury and regain your strength. To learn more about physical therapy, call the New York City office or book an appointment online today.

What is physical therapy?

As a complement to medication, post-surgery care, or other treatment methods, physical therapy is often useful to help reduce pain and speed up the healing process.

Physical therapy can be helpful for both acute problems, like an injury or accident, or long-standing issues that compromise your ability to move easily or engage in daily activities.

Physical therapists have a great knowledge of the physical body and can respond to your needs by retraining and strengthening specific areas of your body.


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What is included in physical therapy?

Dr. Abraham has working relationships with the area’s best physical therapists and only refers patients to therapists he knows and trusts. In addition, he has years of training physical therapists in his subject expert areas. 
Every patient is different and needs their own set of guidelines for improvement. Dr. Abraham is careful in selecting individual therapists who understand what is right for you and maintain communication with you and your therapist throughout the treatment process. 

After meeting with you and discussing your health history, your symptoms, and your goals, your physical therapist creates a treatment plan for you. During a typical session, they have you engage in specific exercises to help improve flexibility, strength, balance, or stamina. Your physical therapist might also use a combination of modalities, like heat and cold therapy, electrical stimulation, or massage to help you heal. 
Physical therapy might also include an at-home treatment plan, such as exercises or stretches you can perform on your own. 

Why Choose Us

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Reduced pain and swelling 

Medication has its limits when it comes to reducing inflammation and swelling, which is what causes pain after an accident or injury. Physical therapy can help manually manipulate the muscles, tissues, and joints so your body can naturally resolve the inflammation response.

Better mobility

Physical therapy can help you do everyday tasks without pain and discomfort while allowing you to improve your fitness level.

Improves the aging process 

If you address a problem early enough, physical therapy can help you recover from a setback without causing more complicated problems later. You'll be able to age with less pain and fewer injuries. 

To start your physical therapy journey, book an appointment at Irwin Abraham MD today. Call the office or use the online booking tool.