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Back Pain specialist

Problems with the hips, where they attach with joints, the SACROILIAC JOINTS, to the spine, are by far the most common cause of low back pain. The many muscle tends, and ligaments that cover the hips and spine, then often get irritated at day, weeks, or months after the initial damage around the hip joints. This extras damage can easily confuse any health professionals.” Dr. Abraham pays careful attention to all the possible sites of pain, including the hip joints, and pain above or below the hips. TYPIcally an initial history and exam require an hour of work to detect the sources of pain. Diagnosis is key, and treatment only starts after this assessment. A variety of treatments may be needed. Injections are early used during the initial patient visit.

What causes back pain?

Back pain has numerous causes, from overstretched soft tissues, damaged tendons, mechanical imbalance of the spine, and rarely spinal damage.

Back injuries usually start quickly, causing sudden pain and loss of good function. while degenerative conditions develop slowly over months to years, causing a gradual decline in mobility and an increase in pain.

Conditions that might be causing your back pain include:
● Sacroiliac joint pain (the single most common cause)● Tendon strains and ligament sprains● Osteoarthritis● Radiculopathy (pinched nerves)● Disc herniation● Spinal stenosis● Degenerative disc disease● Scoliosis

To confirm the cause of your back pain, you rarely need X-ray or MRI imaging unless you have a history of recent weight loss, a fall, fever, or history of cancer.

 Dr. Abraham uses a comprehensive set of history questions, and a thorough physical exam to identify injured structures, to explain to the patient the identified causes, and then the treatment choices available.

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How is back pain treated?

The treatment you require for your back pain depends on the cause of your condition. Muscle strains, for instance, often heal quickly with rest and the use of hot and cold compresses, while other conditions need further interventions.

If your back pain is due to, spine-related pain, Dr. Abraham uses gentle manual manipulation to restore the correct position of the vertebrae. He also uses newer approaches like fascial deep tissue massage distortion correction, which involves using massage techniques to release tight or knotted soft tissues under the skin, and around muscles.

Dr. Abraham also works closely with physical therapy specialists who provide expert rehabilitation and pain management to patients with back pain. If your back pain is resisting these conservative treatments, The primary approach Dr. Abraham uses for many patients with back pain is prolotherapy.


How does prolotherapy help with back pain?

Prolotherapy is an approach that makes use of your body's ability to heal itself. Dr. Abraham administers a course of injections that contain only dextrose or glucose and a local anesthetic into the painful area of your back.

With traditional prolotherapy methods, Dr. Abraham injects the solution into the deeper tissues. The injections stimulate your body to send healing cells to the site of any damage, boosting natural tissue repair.

Dr. Abraham also specializes in a new type of prolotherapy called perineural injection therapy. This technique works by injecting a safe sugar solution into the peripheral nerves just under the surface of your skin. It reduces nerve pain by blocking communication to your brain. 

Perineural injection therapy works quickly to relieve pain while the patent is in the office. This set of injections often needs repeat sets of injections within a few days or a week. Like traditional prolotherapy, the expected result is the loss of all pain and return of normal strength and movement.

To find out more about effective, nonsurgical approaches to relief of back pain, call Irwin Abraham MD today or book an appointment online.